Frogs and Toads of the Amazon - Amazon Aid (2024)

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Social Impact Campaign Director, “River of Gold”

Bonnie Abaunza has dedicated her life to humanitarian work, human rights and social justice advocacy. Through the Abaunza Group she works closely with filmmakers, artists, production companies, distributors and non-governmental organizations to develop and execute social impact campaigns for films and documentaries. Bonnie’s work has addressed myriad human rights and civil rights issuesas she has brought hard-hitting campaigns and major celebrity engagement to issues as diverse aschild slavery, campus sexual assault, human trafficking, genocide, environmental justice, girls education, food safety and animal rights.

Her campaigns have moved the needle on critical issues including genocide awareness with theHotel Rwandacampaign, conflict diamonds withBlood Diamond,abuses by the food industry withFood, Inc.,campus sexual assault withThe Hunting Ground,online sex trafficking withI Am JaneDoe, animal rescue withHarry and Snowman, the plight of refugees withCries From Syriaand girls’ education withThe Breadwinner.Bonnie designed and executed the social impact campaigns for the feature filmThe Promiseby Oscar winner Terry George, and thedocumentaryIntent to Destroy, both about the Armenian genocide. Presently, she is running the impact campaigns forThe Heart of Nuba,Birthright: A War Story, River of Goldabout illicit and unregulated gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon, and the upcoming documentaryCracked Up.She is a consultant to National Women’s Law Center. She has worked on over 30 campaigns, with 14 of the films being nominated for numerous awards, including Oscar and Emmy Awards.

Bonnie spearheaded the campaign on Diane Warren and Lady Gaga’s songTil it Happens to YoufromThe Hunting Ground’s soundtrack. The song was nominated for an Oscar and won an Emmy. Lady Gaga performed the song at the 2016 Oscars. The music video has been viewed over 42 million times and has been embraced as the anthem for the movement to end sexual assault on college campuses.

As a consultant for the United Nations agency, the International Labour Organization, she assisted with outreach to the entertainment community. She launchedthe ILO’s artist engagement program, Artworks ( and spearheaded their End Slavery Now , 50 for Freedom, and Red Card to Child Labour campaigns.

From 2009-2014, Bonnie led the Special Projects & Philanthropy division for Academy Award winning composer, Hans Zimmer. Her initiatives included raising humanitarian aid for Haiti, Pakistan and Japan for International Medical Corps, and working with Madeleine Albright and the National Democratic Institute to advocate for the disenfranchised Romani people in Europe. She launched a successful online advocacy effort with Elizabeth Warren for passage of the Dodd-Frank Bill and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Prior to joining Hans Zimmer’s company in 2009, Bonnie served as Vice President, Social Action and Advocacy at Participant Media, where she developed social action campaigns to promote the documentaries and feature films produced by Participant Media. From 2001 to 2007 sheserved as Director of the Artists for Amnesty program for Amnesty International from 2001 to 2007, raising Amnesty’s profile in the entertainment industry and the visibility of human rights campaigns with the public. She co-produced four film festivals, four Academy Awards viewing parties to benefit Amnesty, produced quarterly entertainment industry salons and more than 50 feature and documentary screening events, fundraisers and art exhibits. She worked on numerous high profile campaigns including human trafficking and slavery, ending rape as a tool of war, rehabilitation of child soldiers, justice for the murdered women of Juarez, ending small arms trafficking, protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, and other global issues.

Artists for Amnesty ambassadors and supporters included: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage, Halle Berry, Mira Sorvino, Patrick Stewart, Benicio del Toro, Don Cheadle, Leonardo diCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou, Ryan Gosling, Oliver Stone, Hans Zimmer, Paul Greengrass, America Ferrera, Charlize Theron, Tom Morello, Gregory Nava, Patricia Arquette, Yoko Ono, Geoffrey Rush, Phillip Noyce, Martin Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Emma Thompson and others.

Her Artists for Amnesty events were covered by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, London Telegraph, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, TIME, People Magazine, US weekly, Variety, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter and international publications and news networks.

Bonnie has received commendations for her human rights work from the United States Congress and from the City of Los Angeles. She received theLifetime Achievement Awardfrom the organization, Unlikely Heroes,Women in Leadership Awardfrom the City of West Hollywood,Global Champion Awardfrom the International Medical Corps., KCET’sLocal Hero/Hispanic Heritage Award, and was named Goodwill Ambassador to the Government of East Timor (appointed by President and Nobel Peace Laureate, Jose Ramos-Horta). She is a Senior Non-Resident Fellow for Enough Project, Board member of the ACLU Foundation of Southern California, Chairman of the Advisory Board of’s Human Rights Campaign, Board member,Not On Our Watchand Board member of the Mgrublian Human Rights Center.

Frogs and Toads of the Amazon - Amazon Aid (2024)
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