Tahini Recipe - Vegan, Paleo, & Whole 30 - clean cuisine (2024)

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If you’re looking for an added burst of flavor to pair with meat or fresh veggies, this Tahini Recipe is for you! Both fresh and tangy, this dip is creamy, delicious, and packed full of nutrients.

The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to whip up! No stovetop or oven required. This dip is paleo, vegan, SCD, candida diet friendly, and even qualifies as Whole30! For more details on this incredibly simple and flavorful dip, keep reading!

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  1. What is Tahini?
  2. Ways to Use Tahini
  3. Tahini Recipe
  4. Kitchen Favorites

What is Tahini?

Tahini is simply ground up sesame seeds. It has an earthy and nutty flavor that’s versatile enough for it to work well in both savory and sweet recipes!

This creamy paste has become popular all around, but is especially so on the Mediterranean diet. It’s a fantastic source of healthy fats, and is loaded down with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Ways to Use Tahini

While tahini is most well known for being used in hummus, it can be used in an array of recipes!

Cauliflower Hummus: Like mentioned above, tahini is a major ingredient in hummus recipes, including cauliflower hummus! If you’re avoiding legumes, this is a recipe that tastes nearly identical to traditional hummus! Think hummus, without the fear of an upset gut.

Chopped Salad Recipe with Tangy Tahini Vinaigrette: Vinaigrettes can be a great light option for adding a burst of flavor to your salad. This Tangy Tahini Vinaigrette with tahini and honey is one you won’t want to pass up!

The BEST Hummus Recipe: If you’re looking for a healthy, traditional hummus recipe, we may just have exactly what you’re searching for! Declaring to have the best hummus recipe is one thing, but you truly must deliver on your claim. Don’t worry, I’m about too! You’ll keep coming back for more!

Paleo Tahini Blondies: These Paleo Tahini Blondies from Choosing Chia are a great example of how tahini can be used in a dessert recipe. Completely grain-free and using only a few ingredients, this is a recipe you have to try!

Salted Tahini Caramel Millionaire Bars: These Salted Tahini Caramel Millionaire Bars from Ambitious Kitchen are not only paleo, but vegan as well! One glance at the picture, and you won’t be able to turn these down. Try out another sweet tahini recipe by experimenting with these!

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Tahini Recipe

A trick I’ve learned throughout the years that has kept clean eating flavorful and exciting is having homemade dips and sauces on hand at all times. While I might meal prep ahead of time and have the same air-fried chicken 3 times in one week, but by simply switching up the dips, I feel like I’m enjoying a totally new meal each time!

However, most store-bought dips are loaded with unhealthy oils, fats, and ingredients. These dips alone can totally destroy the nutritional value of a meal. Because of this, it is essential that these dips are either homemade, or only sourced from the cleanest, high-quality companies. Here are some of my favorite dips to keep on hand:

Staple Dips

Lemon Sauce for Chicken: Creamy and a little tangy Lemon Sauce recipe is served perfectly with simply prepared chicken or fishes. It’s also delicious on burgers, baked potatoes or drizzled on steamed broccoli.

Chipotle Sauce Recipe: This thick and creamy Chipotle Sauce is one of our favorite recipes to keep in the fridge. We use it for dipping vegetables, chips, crackers and even smoother on our deliciousTurkey Mushroom Burgers. If you’re looking for a quick and clean Chipotle Sauce recipe, then you’ve found it.

Honey Mustard Recipe: This Honey Mustard Recipe is swaps the refined sugar out for dates and honey, and is a must-have dip to have prepared and ready to go all times.

Ranch Dressing: Last but not least, we always try to have ranch dressing prepared. If you’re anything like us, you put ranch on everything! Delicious, dairy-free Clean Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe owes it’s rich and creamy texture to pureed cashews and hemp seeds.

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Okay, enough talking. Let’s get into the details of this must-have dip!

Kitchen Favorites


Tahini Recipe

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If you’re looking for an added burst of flavor to pair with meat or fresh veggies, this Tahini Recipe is for you!

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  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
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  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 12 1x



  1. Combine all ingredients together in a food processor, and blend until smooth. As an alternative, combine in a medium bowl, and blend with a hand blender.
  2. Store in the fridge (mixture with thicken up), and enjoy!

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©2024 clean cuisine Recipe by: Author Madison Suttles

Tahini Recipe - Vegan, Paleo, & Whole 30 - clean cuisine (2024)
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