The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky (2024)

SECTION 2 HE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 12, 1950. Statistics for the City and County Zoning Board Authorizes Store-Office Suits Filed J. Johnson, appointed guardian of Stanlev, Ray Charles and Vivian Risinger. Frances Lang Fleshood.

appointed executor of the estate of Bertha Boganowskl. Liberty National Bank Trust Co. appointed executor of the estate of Joseph W. Weber. -Kentucky Roundup Former Teacher Named Paducah City Manager Charles R.

Moffitt, 51, a mechanical engineer and former schoolteacher, will become Paducah's sixth City Manager February 1. Moffitt, now a member of the Paducah Board of Education, will succeed Victor C. Hobday, formerly of Falmouth, who served two years. Police Court Drunken driving Lloyd Novak. Benjamin Muldrew, Ernest C.

Simpson. $100 each: Walter Crosby, postponed to Feb. 8: Robert Huston, to Feb. Cecil Harris. Venus Trelchler.

and Phillip Casey, postponed to Jan. 25. Operating a handbook Burl Ray. $40; Heber Weedman, $25; Fred Logsdon, $20; Douglas Schmidt, and Earl B. Davis.

$10 each, all amended to disorderly conduct. Detaining a woman Paul Barnett, held to grand jury next Wednesdav. Grand larceny Vernon Stokes, held to grand jury next Wednesday. Burglary Daniel J. Neal, postponed to Jan.

21. Malicious striking Harel Wallace, held to grand Jury next Wednesday. Randing together William V. Perrv. William A.

Perry. Donald Perrv. and Lloyd Goldsmith, held to grand jury next Wednesday. Malicious cuttine Theodore Cooksey, postponed to Jan. 21.

Robbery Willie A. Elliott, postponed to Jan. 20. m. 5 VO" 'Wueat li 'i TO Road Says Trains In Red A Louisville Nashville Railroad passenger-division official said yesterday trains No.

23 and 24 between Harlan and Corbin are lossing the company $4,000 a month. The official, Clark Dunn, Atlanta, testified on the L. N. petition before the Kentucky Railroad Commission at Frankfort for permission to discontinue these daily trains permanently. 'Bootleggers Fought Pike County Attorney L.

D. May has moved against what he termed the first of "12 key boot- Indictments 318523 Mrs. Anna Hall VI. Globe Chemical damage. 318524 Herbert L.

Hall vt. Globe Chemical 318525 Gladys Benedict vs. Wm. B. Schultz.

collection. 3185M Dorothy B. T. Beam V. Theodore F.

C. M. Beam, divorce. 318527 George W. Wilson vs.

Loraine Wilson, divorce. 318528 J. Bafrd Lumber Co. vs. Albert J.

Frank. Mary X. Frank, and Matthew lien. 318529 Ida M. Gilbert vs.

James Gilbert, divorce. 318530 E. H. Vardiman vs. Schuler Motors.

and Gus lemons, damages. 318531 Martha Miles vs. William H. Pawson, damages. 318532 Marian F.

Rummage vs. Fred Rummage, divorce. 318533 Royal Industrial Bank vs. Leo F. Mikesell.

collection. 318534 Royal Industrial Bank vs. Donald Bishop, collection. 318535 Royal Industrial Bank vs. Ollie J.

Skaggs. collection. 318538 Bertina Black vs. Joseph Black, divorce. 318537 Cher Fisher vs.

Bird S. Owen, et damages. 318538 Audrey Peveler vs. Bird S. Owen.

et damages. 318538 Mildred Keller vs. Bird S. Owen, et damaees 318540 Anna Reidmiller vs. Bird S.

Owen. Jr et damages 318541 Ellen Roden vs. William T. Ro-den. divorce.

318542 Eva Page vs. William Page, divorce. 318543 Wilma J. Miller vs. Curtis L.

Miller, divorce. 318544 Eleanor Dallas vs. Steven R. Dallas, divorce. 318545 Norma T.

Stewart vs. Joseph E. Stewart, divorce. 318548 Ruth P. Reed vs.

Lionel Reed, divorce. 318.547 Dr. Margaret A. Limper vs. Brooks Denhard, collection.

318548 Virginia G. Curtis vs. Jess W. Curtis, divorce. 318549 Marie S.

Haines vs. Edwin T. Hatas. divorce. 318550 Albert Goins vs.

The Louisville Railway damages. 318551 Virginia Valentine vs. William B. Valentine, divorce. 318552 GeorRe C.

Gagnon vs. James C. Hanks, damages 31W53 Baxter L. Ferriell vs. Betty L.

Ferriell, divorce. 318554 Frances K. Vestal vs. Clinton Vestal, divorce. 318555 Wilma Willenborg vs.

Lawrence Willenborg. divorce. 318558 John Spurgeon vs. Estill Kennedy, damases. 318557 Gloria J.

Conway vs. Grocers Ice Cold Storage damages. 318558 Evelyn S. Conway vs. Grocers Ice 4- Cold Storage damages 318559 Nena Myers vs.

Jess Myers, Governor's 'Insult Irks Group Special te The Courier-Journal Paducah, Jan. 11. The Paducah City Council of Parents and Teachers Association warned Governor Earle C. Clements today that he has "committed political suicide by his insult to the educators and parents of the state." In an open letter to the Governor, the council assailed his reference to the flood of mail he had received supporting a $34,500,000 State school fund as a "misguided literary barrage." Doubt It Was Read' The council pointed out that it had sent a letter to the Governor December 27, asking him to consider granting a larger appropriation for education. The Governor's answer, the council charged, was "irrelevant." "It is doubted, seriously," the council wrote the Governor today, "that you read the letter, because of your form-letter reply.

This organization feels it is due more courtesy than that and if you had been so kind as to read the letter you readily would have known that your answer was completely irrelevant. "We feel as an organization," the council said, that each and every member has been insulted by your ridicule before the legislative body." 'Expect Some Retraction The letter continued: "This misguided literary as you call it, consists of letters and telegrams from your voters of the state. You are ignoring the fact that each letter was signed by a citizen of Kentucky. "We definitely expect some retraction of your ridicule to our integrity before the legislative body," the letter concluded. The letter was signed by Mrs.

Oliver L. Boren, president of the council. The council has a membership of 3,000, Mrs. Boren said. Mrs.

James J. Worden. 2834 Tremont Dr Dec. 20. Mrs.

Ralph M. Conway, 341 E. Madison, Dec. 21 Mrs Elmer L. Hall, Valley Station, Nov.

30., Boys Mrs. Earl L. Watson. 4107 S. Brook, Dec.

26 Mrs. Gilbert F. Kron, 327 Marshall Charlestown. Deo. 29.

Mrs. Hugh C. Henderson, 3104 Confederate Dec. 29. Mrs.

Benjamin G. Lenhart, 433 Atwood. Dec. 24. Mrs.

Floyd L. Fitts. Millers Lane, Dec. 31 Mrs. Lawrence W.

Kuhlman, 1059 Cecil, Dec. 29. Mrs. Glen Sexton, 1859 Tyler. Nov.

29. Mrs. William Brumfield. 71 S. 8th.

Nov. 4. Mrs. Ronald A. Meredith.

307 N. 18th. Dec. 16 Mrs. Edwin D.

Lawrence, Valley Station. Nov. 28. Mrs. Tony A.

Shoemaker, 2227 Cleveland, Nov. 3. Mrs Cecil T. Farmer, 2539 W. Main, Dec.

27. Mrs. Jesse F. Estes. 743 E.

Jefferson. Dec. 14 Mrs Samuel P. Twomey, 22S S. Spring.

Dec. 15 Mrs. Joseph G. Burress. 1111 Rautllnger.

Dee 15. Mrs. John W. Bowlds. 333 S.

Shawnee Dec. 16. Mrs. Joseph I. Willett, 323 E.

Breckinridge, Dec. 16. Mrs. George D. Cobb, 1511 E.

Breckinridge. Dec. 17. Mrs William R. SchmeUer, 717 Cornp ton.

Dec. 20. Mrs. Elmore A. Just, 2101 Garr Lane.

Dec 21 Mrs Maldon A. Hamilton, (11 E. Walnut. Dec. 21.

Mrs. Anthony W. Cirisi, 631 Barret. Dec 21 Mrs John V. Heath, 120T ReutUnger.

Dec. iy Hoffman Predicts Need of 2 Billion After E.R.P. Ends Akron, Ohio, Jan. 11 (U.R) The United States will have to spend at least $2,000,000,000 overseas after the Marshall plan ends in 1952 if it is to meet its responsibilities as a world leader, recovery chief Paul G. Hoffman said tonight.

He told the Akron Chamber of Commerce the $15,000,000,000 Marshall plan should wind up June 30, 1952. But, he added, "it is not safe to assume that there will be no expenditures for foreign aid thereafter. If we want to be conservative, I think we ought to make allowances for for carrying out our responsi-bilitie as the world's leading nation after the end of the Marshall plan." Approval of a store-office building in St. Matthews was granted yesterday by the Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeals. It is to be built at the northeast corner of Wallace and Wilmington, a block south of Shelbyville Rooad near the St.

Matthews Triangle, by Sidney Schneider, 1486 Cherokee Road. He asked for a zoning variation to permit him to build out into the front and rear yards. The board approved his plans, provided he leaves adequate space between the building and adjoining streets and alleys. The building is to house two shops, with office space upstairs. The board ruled against a duplex and a four-apartment building on small lots.

They denied a request from Mrs. W. W. Cooper, option holder on a 28-by-165-foot lot at 1435 Rosewood, to build a duplex there. They also denied a request from Ed Butler for permission to build a fourplex on a 28-by-128-foot lot at 102 Wiltshire.

In both cases they ruled the proposals would "overcrowd the land." Neighbors objected to both proposals. 2 Check Cashers Robbed of $19,000 In Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Jan. 11 (JP) Three masked bandits, armed with a submachine gun, held up two women "check bankers" in a Hazelwood Tavern early today and escaped with $19,000. A paper bag containing the money was taken from Mrs. Helen Zabik, 54, and her daughter, Mrs.

Helen Girhing, 31, both of Homestead. Police Lt. James Stratton said the money was to be used to cash checks of Baltimore Ohio Railroad employees. Five shots were fired from the machine gun during the holdup, one of which went through the trouser leg of the tavern's janitor, Louis Hirsch, 70. leggers who have been operating in the county for more than a year." He filed a petition in Pike Circuit Court asking that property operated by Tom Maynard and his sons, Russell and Marvin, be declared a nuisance and shutdown.

2 Policemen Cleared At Lexington yesterday, two City patrolmen were cleared of charges of failure to arrest a slot-machine operator when a Fayette Circuit Court case against them collapsed. Circuit Judge Chester D. Adams directed a jury to acquit patrolmen Louis Kirby and William B. Davis after Commonwealth witnesses refused to testify on the ground their testimony might be self-incriminating. A sixth witness declared he knew nothing about the case.

Funds Set Up To Train Germans In Democracy Special to The New York Time and The Courier-Journal. Frankfurt, Jan. 11. At the request of U. S.

High Commissioner John J. McCloy, the State Department has allocated $1,000,000 and the Economic Co-operation Administration 56,000,000 Deutschmarks in counterpart funds for a special program aimed at developing a democratic spirit in Western Germany, it was learned today. In addition, in connection with an invigorated education and reorientation program, a private fund of $1,000,000 is being collected in the United States by leading American citizens to take care of a school project covering 10,000 children. Copyright, 1950 Associated Press Wirepaote Recovering from malnutrition, 4 year old Vincenza Scielzo plays with toys at a New York hospital. Her parents, Guy and Mary Scielzo, both 29, are held on homicide charges, accused of starving to death Vincenza's 3-year-old brother, Guy, Jr.

Two other children, Nicolette, 5, and Michael, 1, were reported well, but Michael died January 3 of appendicitis. Possession of burglarous tools Earl V. Burton and Samuel S. Pope Operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent William H. Eimes and Paul D.

Wilkinson. Storehouse breaking Jesse C. Emert. Gilbert Borders, Harlan Ralston and Paul D. Edwards.

Safe breaking Jesse C. Emert and Gilbert Borders Wilful murder Marie Fishback. Altering automobile motor number Dewey Glaser Attempted robbery Harold C. Hom-back. Dwelling-house breaking Gilbert W.

Morman. William Wright. Uttering a worthless check Robert Simons Grand larceny Floyd Smith. Marriage Licenses Nolan Piercv. 17.

farmer. Columbia. Gladys Mae Hatfield. 18. Big Cllfty, Ky.

Nat Bailen. 28. salesman. 1848 Gresham Rd Janice Marks. 17.

of 2535 Meadow Rd. Charles S. Tucker. 20. truck driver.

Anchorage- Shirley Jean Ford, 20. of 309 Fairlawn Rd. Births Girls Mrs. William McKenzie. 1137 Bards-town Rd Dec.

17. Mrs. Albert A. Karche, 542 Seneca, Dec 17. Mrs.

Oscar W. Willinger, 347 Denmark, Dec. 18. Mrs. Charles A.

Renneisen, 619 E. Oak, Dec 18 Mrs. Charles L. Whitesell. 1335 Winter, Dec.

17. Mrs Joseph J. Hass. 1533 Walter, Dec. 22.

Mrs Richard H. Hundley, 858 Vine, Dec 17. Mrs Elmer J. Reinert. 224 S.

Keats, Dec. 22. Mrs. Ernest C. Netherton, 1033 E.

St. Catherine. Dec. 22. Mrs.

Edward J. Allen. Lyndon. Dec. SI.

Mrs. Woodrow W. Miller, 733 Florence, Dec. 18 Mrs. William Sweeney.

Ft. 5. Dec. Mrs. David Graham, 431S Malcolm, Dec.

20. Mrs. William S. Powers, 125 Vernon, Dec. 20.

American Doctor, Noted for Work In Thailand, Dies Alexandria, Jan. 11 IP) Dr. Edwin C. Cort, 70. a medical missionary who became a living legend in wartime Thailand, died last night.

In 1941 he fled Thailand, where he had a medical school, ahead of the Japanese and went to India. He became known as "the legendary doctor" because his patients awaited his return, confident he would return to them some day. He did. In 1946 Cort went back to Thailand. In the next three years he re-established 13 leprosy clinics, stopped a cholera epidemic, supervised the distribution of medicine and relief supplies and treated his patients as many as 145,000 in a single province.

He retired from foreign service last month. Building Permits Robert Hebel. addition to frame dwelling. 725 W. Oak, $1,000.

Loyie Allen, frame dwellings, 411-13 E. Southern Heights. $4,000 each. Lee Allen, frame dwelling, 415 E. Southern Heights.

$4,000. J. J. Bennett, enclose rear porch to dwelling. 2918 Virginia.

$600. Harrison Cooper, frame dwelling, 4901 Hr11ins Rd $4,300. Ralston Purina addition to warehouse. 317 Baxter, $18,000. Bonus Voted In France Paris, Jan.

11 (IP) The French Cabinet decided today to give a cost-of-living bonus to Government employees earning less than 15,000 francs a month. The bonus, retroactive to November, will be a maximum of 3,000 francs It will be paid only once. About 30,000 Government employees will get the bonus. County Court G. A.

Wurtele, appointed administrator of the estate of Stella Wurtele. Henry J. Lepplng. appointed executor of the estate of Rose Ann Lepping. Henrietta Ruhl.

appointed executor of the estate of Katherine Gatterdam. Ben Classified Section; Announcements Services Automotive Employment Business Opportunities Livestock Merchandise Rents Real Estate 27 Automobiles for Sale. Services Offered General. 14 Services Offered General. 14 11 lest.

In Memoriam. Automobiles for Solo. 27 BUICK 1941 sedan; nice one. $495; pay only $34 down on any car priced under $500. ELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES Lot Number I.

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The sweetest love forever lingers In my heart for you today. His devoted wife, Bess W. Choate. YANTZ; in loving memory of Mr. Charles (Pop) Yantz.

who passed away January 12. 1948. Two years have passed, but memories last. Of one who has gone to rest. Where peace reigns eternal in the home of the Savior blest.

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COPY CLOSE 5 p.m. (day before) for week day Issues of The Courier-Journal or Times. 5 m. Friday for the Sunday Courier-Journal. EMERGENCY DEADLINES (For receipt of ads.

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Roan: especially do we want to thank Brother L. C. Ray for his visits and prayers, and friends who acted as pallbearers: also the donors of beautiful flowers and cards of sympathv. FATHER. MOTHER, BROTHER AND SISTERS.

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CH 4068. Funeral Directors. Depths and Funerals. 1 o'clock; age 87 years. Beloved uncle of Mrs Anna Graff of Jefferson-town, Mr.

Eldon. Everett, and Charles H. Thomas. Remains at the Maas Funeral Home on Broadway at Floyd. Funeral from the chapel Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. Preston Lodge will have charge of Masonic services. GREENWELL, James Monroe. Tuesday, January 10. 1950: at 5 a.m.: in his 82d year; residence.

2219 Co'um-bia. Beloved father of Virgil J. Greenwell of Cincinnati. Ohio; devoted grandfather of Mrs. Patricia Jones of Cincinnati.

Ohio: greatgrandfather Donna Kathleen Jones of Cincinnati. Ohio; brother of Mrs. Sabina Flannegan of Birmingham, and Fred Greenwell of Colorado springs. Colo. The deceased Mr.

Greenwell is at Manning's Funeral Home. 842-614 W. Broadway, where services will be held Thursday. January 12. at 1 p.m.

Interment in Evergreen Cemetery. HOPPER, Larry Michael, suddenly. Wednesday, January 11, 1950, at the residence, 763 Brent age 5 months. Beloved infant son of Mr. James E.

and Mrs. Evelyn Hopper (nee Guttman); brother of James E. Hopper. grandson of Mr. and Mrs.

Simon Guttman and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hopper. Remains at the Bohlsen Funeral Home, 825 Barret where services will be held Friday morning at 10 o'clock. Interment in St.

Michael's Cemetery. JOHNSGN. Mr. John Wesley: passed away Wednesday, January 11. 1950; in his 76th year: at his residence.

2639 Hale Ave. Devoted husband of Mrs. Lizzie Ford Johnson: father of Mrs. John F. Hendrickson, of Pine-ville, Mr.

Jacob O. Ford of New Haven, Mr. Homer E. Ford and Mr. Marlon A.

Johnson, both of Louisville. brother of Mr. Will F. Johnson. Mr.

Thomas R. Johnson. Mr. P. Dean Johnson, all of New Haven.

and Mr. A. Jasper Johnson of Louisville; also survived by 4 grandchildren. Remains resting at the Owen Funeral Home. 2611 Virginia Ave.

Funeral Services Saturday at 11 am. from the Owen Chapel. Burial in River View Cemetery, New Haven, at 1 p.m. JONES, Estella Lee, age 82, died at midnight, Tuesday. January 10, 1950 at home of her daughter, Mrs.

Ruth J. Wines. West Frankfort, 111. Other survivors, daughter. Mrs.

Mary W. McCue: sons, Charles Ernest E. and Henry M. Jones; all of Louisville: 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson and 2 great-grandsons. Funeral at Baptist Church, Monterey, Friday, January 13 at 2 p.m.

Interment Monterey. MITCHELL, Isaac Newton, age 75 years, Thursday. January 10. 1950, at 6:15 a.m., at his residence on Cane Riln Rd Beloved father of Mr. Russell D.

Mitchell; also survived by 1 granddaughter. Mr. Mitchell is at the T. A. Blanford-Ratterman Funeral Home, 2815 S.

4th where services will be conducted Thursday morning at 8:30 and at St. Denis Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Calvary Cemtery. The rosary will be recited at the funeral home Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. PINAIRE.

Sue Sunday, January 8. 1950. at Shreveport. La. Widow of Antone O.

Pinaire: mother of Mrs. Charles C. Workman. Shreveport. daughter of Mrs.

Grace Ratliffe, Indianapolis. sister of Mrs. J. R. Carnahan.

New Albany, and Mrs. L. W. Howe. Indianapolis, grandmother of Miss Janet S.

Workman. Shreveport. La. Remains arrive in Louisville Wednesday morning. Funeral from Pearson's.

1310 S. 3d Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. ROIILEDER, Mr. Gervase passed away January 10, 1950, at SS.

Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, in his 39th year: family residence, 1844 Date devoted husband of Mrs. Haline (Pete) Nalley Rohleder: beloved father of Judith Ann and Nickie CABINETS, remodeling: new building: free estimates: floor finishing: work guaranteed. 1002 S. 1st. CL 3836.

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MA 6100. Open Sundaysand Evenings CTTEVROlET, 1947 "four-door" sedan; this 1-owner car driven only 27,000 miles, looks and runs like new; has radio, heater and seat covers: just $395 down delivers: easy terms to suit you on the balance and remember it carries our guarantee that counts. Open evenings till t. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 246J Next to AAP in St.

Matthews ClltVROLET 1946 5-passengrr coupe. In perfect condition with radio, heater and good rubber: here is a real good car at a very reasonable price; priced at $995: and 50 more to select from: we trade; easy terms. FALLS CITY PONTIAC CO. Broadway at Hanco*ck. WA 2423.

Jipen Evenings Pf? Sundays. CHEVROLET 1948 2-door Fieetmas-ter; two-tone brown and green; radio: under-seat heater; looks and drives same as new; here is a car I know you will love; I can buy this for you right See or call me Bill Gardner 1 RI-CITY OLDSMOBILI COMPANY 1211 W. Broadway. JA 4100 TheTSoLET 1946 4-door Fleetmas-ter: dark blue: radio, heater and new tires; this is a clean one; here is the car for you; I know I can Purchase this car for you at a sav ngs. Call or ask for E.

J. Preston. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 909 Broadway. CL 0661., CH VROLET 1948 4-door Fleetmaster; beautiful maroon finish: heater; new tires; low mileage; this is a one-owner car in perfect condition: low down payment and long terms on balance GEO. BYERS SONS 123 E.

Broadway JA 3122. CHEVROLET 1947 2-door; beautiiuT 2-tone finish: all extras; perfect motor and tires: it. too, has been reduced $150 for quick sale: 15-minute delivery day or night; 50 more ta select from. BALLARD'S LOT. 108 Broadway.

CL 2734.. CHEVROLET. 1947. Fleetmaster; 1-door, heater, original beige finish; low mileage; 1 owner; looks Ilka new; $1,095 Try One of Perkins" Reliable Used Cars PERKINS MOTORS 2105 Dixie Highwav. CYJI58L "CHEVROLET 1948 Aero sedan; low mileage with radio, heater and good tires: this 1-owner car can be bought for $395 down, cash or long trades balance easv bank terms.

WEIR MOTORS COMPANY, 845 S. 3d St. CL 7819. Open Week Days A.M. tl 11 9 ClltVROLET.

1942 Aero sedan: one-owner car in excellent condition; has radio, heater and seat covers; all chrome trim: priced very reasonably and it carries our guarantee that counts. Open evenings till 9 ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 24fi Next to in St. Matthews ThEVROLeT 19l7 Flee tTTne" Aero "se" dan; metal gray; all accessories: this is a clean, sporty car that will make you happy. See or call me.

Carl Hurst. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 909 E. Broadway CL 0861. CHEVR6I.F.lrl94 club coupe; a low mileage car, with radio, heater and other extras: priced at only the cheapest of terms through A C. HIGHLAND CHEVROLET CO 858 S.

3d. WA 0241 VROLT.T 1948 two-door StyleT master, beautiful blue; low mileage; like new; many extras; trade, terms. Mr. Arnett. JA 6200 PACKARD PLAZA Clav and Broadway.

I hf.VkOLfct" 1940. special 2-door." here's one you can almost steal: $245; bank terms; trade. BYERLY MOTORS. 3289 Tsyior Blvd. AT TIM, 4041 Dixie Hgwy AT 1661.

The McDaniel Funeral Home. Inc. W. G. McDaniel.

President FR 3566-3577 4339 Park Blvd. radio, heater. Hydramatic drive and Air Ride tires: very low mileage: a one-owner car: if you are in the market for like new car at a very low price, see this one. HANDS MOTOR COMPANY 2d and Guthrie Sts. JA 0793.

Open Evenings and Sundays. CADILLAC 1948 convertible coupe; here is a 1-owner unit that is a real buy: this car can be purchased for a very low down payment or possibly your present car may be sufficient as the 1st payment: for the very best in used cars see Haroldined cars first. HAROLD AUTO SALES 1801 Arcade MA 8100. Open Sundays and Evenlngs. CADILLAC" 1941 4-door "62: black: radio, heater and new tires; this is a one-owner chauffeur-driven car.

See or call me. Jack Davis TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 1211 W. Broadway. JA 4100. CARPENTER repairs and remodeling; no lob too large, no job too small; prompt service; insured workmen; free estimates; terms arranged to suit you.

Call Domestic Construction )A 8574 or WA 6949. PAPERING; any size room, $5. steaming, patch plastering: tarpaulins used; work guaranteed. Call A 1973 PAPERING, steaming, patch plaster-ing: guaranteed workmanship: reasonable rates; estimates free; immediate service. CA 5566.

"PAPERING: interior painting; qual-ity work; reasonable price. CL 4343, FR 0250. PAPERING and painting, patch plastering, steaming. 1950 samples: work guaranteed: quick service. CA 4520 A.

BLANFORD-RATTERMAN 2815 4th CA 1436 WRfST WATCH, lady's, white gold. 6 diamonds: vicinity Walgreen's, 4th and Guthrie to Walnut: Monday night: reward. CY 0064. WRISTWATCH, lady's, gold, black cord band, vicinity 5th and Jeffer-son. Monday 9 a.m.: reward.

MA 6945. LIBERAL Reward for returning notes, stocks, wills, insurance policies and records of no value: taken from vault Acme Paper Stock no questions asked. Harry N. Cohen, 141 N. 2nd St.

Hlckey. 1013 41st an 3337. LEE E. CRALLE INC. RADIOS.

RECORD PLAYERS AND CARPENTER, general repair, foundation work, remodeling; material furnished; free estimates; immediate service; reasonable; work guaran-teed: terms arranged. AT 5360. 1330 S. Third St. MA 0771.

MA 0772. ALBERT NEURATH SON FUNERAL HOME 725 Market. JA 1191. PAPERING and general repairing; JOHN MAAS BRO. TELEVISION Expertly repaired: city-wide pickup and delivery service; free estimates.

CLARKSDALE RADIO Sc WASHER SERVICE WA 6914 706 Shelby St. WA 5292 REFRIGERATION Service: any make or model. Including sealed units: prompt: reasonable; work guaranteed. JA 6092. REFRIGERATION: immediate service day night: any make, model: work guaranteed: reasonable.

Paul euneral Directors Broadway at Floyd. WA 4284. "CADTLTAC." 1948 convertible, by CARPENTER Work, general repairs, and remodeling; free estimates; immediate service; terms arranged. SH 6082-J. CiKPt.TER and cabinet work, small or large jobs; quick service; Information Personals.

13 CLEANINCTbrought in before 10 a.m. will be ready by p.m. at the Independent Cleaners main plant, 817 E. Market, between Shelby and Campbell or at any of our 30 branch stores. Call JA 0113 for 1-day de BARRETT FUNERAL HOME 30 years in the building line.

H. Collins. WA 1836. PAPERING, steaming; A-l workman-ship; 36 up. W.

Haysley, 2820 Montgomery. CY 0237. PAPERING; $5 room up, carpenter repair, plastering, painting. CA 3298 "PAPERING, $6 up; work Benjamin suddenly Wednesday, January 11. 1960, at 5 p.m..

in his 65th year; residence. 1145 W. Market. Beloved husband of Bertha Anderson, stepfather of Carl, Ernest, Omer. James, ancj Ivan Lelhig.

and Mrs. Loretta Latilagatt. Mrs. Frances Blakely. Indianapolis, Mrs.

Catherine McManus, Indianapolis. Ind: brother of Mrs. Maggie brown and William Anderson, ttardstown, Ky. Remains at the Geo. L.

Manning Funeral Home, 518-20 N. 26th between Bank and Portland Ave. Funeral Saturday, January 14. 1950, at 2 p.m. Notice of Interment later.

ATKINSON, Mrs. Alyda (nee Rose; age 63 years; Monday, January 9, ImO. at 11 noon, at St. Anthony's Hospital. Beloved daughter of Mrs.

Josephine mother of Mrs. S. F. Thompson, Mrs. E.

J. Heheman. Mrs. John T. Worth.

Pikesville. Mrs. Harold Stockseth. Middletown Mrs. Robert H.

Bosemer and Stuart M. Atkinson: sister of Mrs. Ethel Rose Fritschner, Mrs. Hallie Hawkins of Taylorsville. Miss Beulah Rose and Mr.

William C. Hose of Louisville. Remains at the Miller Funeral Home. 4505 5. 3d.

Funeral Thursday, January 12, from the funeral home at 2 p.m. Interment In Resthaven Cemetery. BENNETT. Miss Belle January 10, 1950, at 20 a at her residence. 185 N.

Peterson Ave. Beloved sister of John Bennett. Mrs. Eliza B. JS'icholson and Mrs.

William M. Duffy. Funeral from the residence Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. BLAKEY.

William Foster, Tec killed while in the service of his country, near Mature, Tunisia, Africa. November 26, 194i Remains will arrive in EHzabethtown. January 18, 1950. at 12:26 p.m., and will be taken to the home of his parents, Mrs. Mattie and Mr.

Willie Blakey, Canmer. Hart County; also survived by half-sister. Miss Gertrude Blakey. who is a teacher in Memorial School. Hart County.

Funeral services January 19th, 1 30 p.m. Canmer Methodist Church. Interment Canmer Cemetery. Members of Modern Woodmen will serve as pallbearers. BL'RCH, Mrs.

Eleanor Warren: age 67 years. Tuesday. January 10, 1S60 at 4:15 a.m. Residence. 3616 Rudd Ave.

Devoted wife of Joseph S. Burch: beloved mother of Mrs. George W. Hammann, Mrs. D.

W. haling. Mrs. Louis Meyer; sister Mary Ivo, O.S.U., Sister M. Canisius, O.S.U..

Joseph E. Burch: Chicago, 111., and Edward I. Burch: sister of Mrs. David Watson, Farmington, New Mexico, Sister Albert Marie. Ben Warren, Sand Point.

Idaho and Zach Warren. lizabethtown. also Bardstown Road HI work guaranteed. CA 4a2U. JOHN B.

RATTERMAN AND -ONS FUNERAL PARLORS 2114 W. Market. CY 1243. CARPENTER: repairing, remodeling. livery service.

free estimates. Frencn. A B756. Dunaway. tH 42B8-J.

BOSSE SON FUNERAL HOME 600 E. Broadway. WA 3171. ANTIQUE jewelry and diamond es-tates wanted and appraised. Seng, 210 W.

Market and 318 W. Chestnut CLOCKS and Watches repaired, fast service: old gold wanted for cash. light buildin hour or job. CY 6052 CARPENTRY; build, remodel or re-pair. additions or attics finished; free estimates: reasonable rates.

Willard Doucette. FR 4470. CARPENTRY, repairing, windows, doors; no job too small; we do our ROOFING; repairs, or a complete job with the best of materials, applied by skilled workmen; free estimates. For any home service call HOME SERVICE CO. HI 6572.

1153 Bardstown Rd. HI 6882. FINEST Quality workmanship: lowest possible prices: painting, papering, steaming, and sanding. Harold G. Smith Decorators.

MA 1925-R. rent wallpaper steamers; floor, bench, auto sanders. polisher: paint spray. 1313 Texas MA Automoiiie Steinau Jeweler, 531 s. 3d.

A 6625. L. D. PEARSON it SON. INC.

1310 Third St MA 0510-0511. SCHOPPENHORST BROS. FUNERAL HOME 19th and Market. CY 7328. own work.

MA irtJM-w. CLEANING upholstery in your home: 2 weeks special price; also re-upholstering; terms; free estimates. Floyd's Furniture Repair, 3030 Bank. DIAMONDS wanted, any size; high-est prices paid for old gold, dental work, rings, antiques. Abe Davis Loans, 143 W.

Market. JA 9180. FURS; let Louisville's finest stylist remodel, repair, clean and glaze your fur coat: free pickup. PACY'S FURS at TOGGERY. Ledge Notices.

ROOFING; roof repairing specialists; guttering, roof painting, coating: 27 years' experience. Walter Hartlage. CY 2187 ROOFING: roof repairing; experi-enced: immediate service. For prompt and efficient service call CY Automobiles for Sale. owner: 7.300 miles: perfect condition.

Phone AR 1551. 10 to S. week- davs "CADILLAC 1941 4-door. radio and heater: good condition: by owner. 1421 Thornherry.

FR 4882. CIITVroTET 1947 FTeeuriaster club coupe: robin's egg blue: radio, heater, seat covers, good tires: like-new appearance and performance: big car comfort at economical cost; $1,245. See Mr Perry at L. HANNAH CO INC. Dependable Used Cars 3d and York Sts 8 a m.

to 5:30 p.m. CL 2681 (closed Sunday). 5 30 m. to m. CL or A 2265.

Vr OLET 1947-48 Aero Torpedo sedanette: a spotless 1-owner car that looks and drives like new: low mileage and; fully guaranteed by Kings, city's oldest exclusive used car dealer: nice extras, such as radio, heater, defroster and seat covers: year-end sale, save up to $250; an old car, or as low as $145, down. 944 3d JA 1921. KING AUTO SALES. INC. Open Nights.

Open Sundays. Over 2 Years To Pav At Bank Rates 27 2rt U4H1. AURORA Lodge. Number 633. F.

and A. will meet 919 Baxter 'inursday, January 12th. at 7:30 p.m. for work in F.C. degree.

Members requested to attend, visitors welcome. Walter Whitson, Master; P. 832B. 318 W. Walnut.

WA 6935 GAMES OF ALL KINDS! CONCRETE Work; certified con-tractor; work guaranteed: small and large jobs: free estimates; refer- ences. SH 4205-J. CURTAINS and laundry work done in my home; reasonable. 925 W. Oak "ROOFING.

Inselbrlc, Inselstone, gut-tering and repairing. McNuity G. stapieton, sec y. Bros MA 8917. SLIP Covers, draperies, tailored to measure; alterations: sewing; prompt St.

MA 2049-W. service. VVA 7709, atter 3 p.m. CURTAINS, men's shirts laundered in my home: experienced. MA 4131 SLIP Covers, labor.

2 nieces includ i i nl.nmr.. Monopoly Sorry Pokeno Flinch Rook Chess Checkers Bingo -Tripoly Tricks Jokes Novelties K. S. CAUFIELD. Inc.

S0-8-ipS. 3d St WA 4477. WA 0798 HAIR braids and transformations made from your own hair. Bush Hair Beauty Shop. 307 Starks Bldg.

SlG SAW Puziln for adults and children from 25c to 1.000-piece puzzle. jig saw of United States. 69c. K. S.

CAUFIELD. Inc. 308-8-10 S. 3d St WA 4477. WA 0798 ing snaps cords.

317; references. CA 1990 or SH 4861-J. STAIR Building and finishing is our specialty; 30 years' experience. Call HARMONY Chapter Number 273, O.E.S.. will meet this Thursday evening, for regular business and party for supper committees.

Fronie John-son. W. Margaret Krauth. Sec'y. LEWIS Lodge, Number 191.

F. and A. will meet in stated communication at Lewis Hall. 537 N. 26th Friday, January 13, at 7:30 p.m.

Conference in E.A. degree and examinations in F.C. degree. R. L.

Meyer, Master. C. A. NAOMI Chapter, Number 14, O.E S7 will meet Thursday, January 12, 1950 in Liberty Hall. 211 W.

Walnut. 7:45 p.m., for transaction of business and initiation; visitors welcome. Helen Reynolds. W. Ruth McNeill.

ta 71 ts tor estimates. CHEVROLET 1938 de luxe 2-door: BUICK 1948 super sedan: a one-owner car that looks and performs as good as new: low mileage, perfect original finish and carries liberal guarantee; nice: extras such as radio, heater, defroster, back-up light, and white-wall tires: a new ear trade-in at a bargain price; save $200; as low as 15 down. 944 S. 3rd. A 1921.

KING AUTO SALES. INC. Open Nights. Open Sundays. Over 2 Years to Pay At Bank Rates.

BUICK 1940 special sedan: this car" repossessed and put through our modern garage for necessary reconditioning; nice heater, radio, seat covers and 5 very good tires: looks and drives very good and will be sold for balance due: an old clunker or as low as $49 for past-due payment. 944 S. 3rd. A 1921. KINO AUTO SALES.

INC. Open Nights. Open Sundays. Your Credit Is. Good Here.

BUICK 1946 club coupe; anotHer HAROLDIZED extra; for a very low down payment you can ride in the very best car being offered today: this unit has all extras: be sure to see this one before buying anything, anywhere. HAROLD AUTO SALES 1601 Arcade. MA 6100. OLD GOLD WANTED STORM Windows and doors; screens; aluminum combinations; weather stripping caulking. Venetian blinds: removable slats ends washing wor- ries ABRAHAM.

SH 3031. TAILORING, alternations, repairs: ladies', men's suits tailored. Muel- efficient courteous service on all electrical work, fixtures, appliances; wiring guaranteed I year. Telephone day or night. RICHARD H.

BAKER. JA 8087. ELECTRICAL Contractor; home wiring and power Insulations; fluorescent lighting: work guaranteed; cash or payments. EARL DONAN 634 S. 42d.

Electrical Service. SH 2477. ELECTRICAL Contractor: power and residential wiring: fluorescent lighting: neon service: sound equipment: rental, sales. Sewell Enterprises. 1724 W.

Burnett. SH 4365. ELECTRICAL; GOTTA SHORT Of any kind? Call CL 6139: power ad light Longacre Electric Co 638 7th. 24-hour service. liMKiH ll i48 t-oassenger coupe.

ler s. 70S E. Market, ja mia sect y. TREE trimming ari3 topping, experienced: also removal of dead and dangerous trees; free estimates. AT 2754.

Dental work, gold watches, chains, and gold, and condition: sell to us for the highest cash price. MOSE FROCK'S STORE 214 S. 3d St. Next to Marzonl. WATCH Repalrlag; watches overhauled, $3.50.

parts furnished: we also do trade work. BERNARD'S WATCH SHOP 612 Baxter Ave. 31,000 Bewara to anyone showing that I was ever convicted or even tried on any charge whatever, also $100 reward for finding the poor fiend who started such a ridiculous falsehood. Contact Uncle George, SUBURBAN Lodge. Number 740.

T. and A. will meet in called communication at their hall. 3d and Central Thursday evening. January 12, at 7 o'clock, for examination in the E.

A. degree and at 7:30 for regular business and conference of the F. C. degree. C.

P. Jacobs, Mas- UMBRELLAS, repaired and recov-ered; we call for and deliver. Muel-ers. 705 E. Market JA 9478.

ter; c. urutcner. secretary. Open Sundays and Evenings WASHERS All makes repaired; complete stock of parts for all makes washers; 1-day service: free pickup and delivery. FACTORY AUTHORIZED THOR SERVICE H.

G. Washer Service Travel Opportunities. 9 ELECTRICAL Contractor; power and residential wiring and repairs: licensed electrician: free estimates. A 8161. ELECTRIC House Wiring; repairing; fluorescent lighting; door chimes; reasonable rates; county work; guar- Box 1573.

Louisville. MIAMI. one way rental. 1949 Chevrolet convertible. $5.

you furnish gasoline and oil. Hertz Stations, 657 3d. JA 4251. "SOILED rug spots disappear in-stantly when odorless Fina Foam is used. Bacon's.

Notion phone 728-30 Shelby Pkwy. MA 0547 radio, neater seat rovers, defrosters: excellent condition BPOAUWAY CHEVROLET CO (17 W' Broadway A 711T CHEVROLlTTi4S Fleetmaster Town? sedan; black finish, whitewall tires. heater and seatcovers. only $993. ADVANCE MOTOR INC.

4021 Frankfort Ave. In St. Matthews. "CHEVROLET 1940 two-door; nice" one. $445: pay only $34 down on anv car priced under $500.

ELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES Lot Number 1318 W. Broadway. ThFV'ROLET 1939" two-door; nice" one, $.395: pay only $34 down on any car priced under $500. ELLIS GARDNER AUTO SALES Lot Number 3. 846 S.

3d. "CllTVRotfcT 1948 Style mas ter "5 -door sedan. 1st -class condition: guaranteed. $1,225: terms If deslrea. Herts Stations.

657 3d St CHEVROLET, 1948. aero sedan; radioT" heater, covers, only 14.000 miles; looks like new, bargain. Montgomery Liberty Chevrolet" 1949 4-door fe luxer 8.000 miles; excellent condition: 1.4o5; easy tenets. Pewee Valley anteed Z2BI. WASHERS Re Dai red: all makes: graprsiuiea.

SAME day service oil shirts and laundry bundles: bring them to the Old Reliable Laundry. 125 S. 3d St. between Market and Main. FALLEN Trees and limbs removed, also cinders and stone delivered; im-rnedlate service: reasonable.

CH 1585. FENCE! wood, picket chain link, ornamental lawn fence and gates to match; installed by skilled erectors if desired or materials only; free estimates: F.H A. terms. AT 5914. lost.

11 BEAGLE Hounds, 2 young females: near 22d and Dumesnil. Tuesday; re- ward. Call CY 1457. BILLFOLD, alligator grain, contain-ing identification, pictures and money: Monday. January 9, vicinity Iroquois Launderette.

Reward. Call SALE J. Rohleder: son of Mrs. Lena Rohleder; brother of Mrs. Thelma Wheatley and Mr.

Ambrose. Mr. Jerome. Mr. Francis and Mr.

Raphael Rohleder. Remains resting at Owen Funeral Home. 2611 Virginia Ave. Funeral services Friday morning at 8:45 am. from Owen Chapel and at 9 o'clock from St.

Benedict's church. Burial in Calvary Cemetery. SOLOMON. Mrs. Virginia (nee Porter), passed away Wednesday.

January 11, 1950, at the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, in her 88th year. Remains resting at the Owen Funeral Home. 2611 Virginia Ave. Funeral Fridav at 2 p.m. from the Owen Chapel.

Burial in Cave Hill Cemetery. TROXLER. Mr. Roger William, passed away in his a3d year, Wednesday, January 11, 1950, at 10 a Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Family residence.

3102 Widgeon Ave. Beloved husband of Mrs. Mary Land Troxler (nee Brunneri: loving father of Miss Ann Ora Troxler: also survived by brother. Mr. Martin Troxler.

and 1 sister. Miss Isabella Troxler. Services for Mr. Troxler will be in the Arch L. Heady Funeral Home.

Oak and Schiller at 10:30 am. Friday, after which time he will be taken to the Eastin and Richey Funeral Home, Mt. Sterling. for services Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Interment in Crown Hill Cemetery, Sharpsburg, Ky.

Tt'RNER, Clarence Franklin. Tuesday, January 10. 1950, at 7:30 p.m., at 1027 Cherokee former residence 1430 Everett Ave. Husband of the late Nancy Macpherson Turner; survived by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas Haydon.

and several nieces and nephews. Funeral from Pearson's, 1310 S. 3d Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment in Cave Hill Cemetery. free estimates: pickup and delivery.

CLARKSDALE RADIO WASHER SERVICE WA 6914 706 S. Shelby. WA 5292 WASHERS arid refrigerators repaired: any make: free pick-up. delivery; parts for all makes washers TRI-CITY WASHER 4c REFRIG TT! Market CI- O090 WASHERS! Maytag and Easy our specialty: all expertly repaired and guaranteed: we trade, buy or sell. CITY APPLIANCE SHOP 675 W.

Hill St MA 3398 LOUISVILLE FENCE CO AT 4234 WOOLENS SI 49 per yard: linings, buttons, thread, all sewing supplies. A. BAER, "The Button Store" W. Market St WA 4627. JANUARY Clearance on all fur coats and cloth coats effective now; repairing and remodeling.

Moms Fur Studio. 719 E. Broadway; JA DOG. English SDrineer SDaniel. fe- this car lepossessed and checked in our shop for safe driving; has good heater, motor, seat covers and 5 very good tires: to be sold for balance due.

save over $100: as low as $29 down, about $2.50 per week. 944 S. 3d. A 1921. KING AUTO SALES.

INC Open Nights. Open Sundays. Your Credit Is Good Here. TheVROTET 1946 4-door sedan; a dandy brown and beige finish that's perfect; has fire and a fiddle; motor that purrs like a kitten: perfect tires: it carries our famous guarantee, too; liberal trade: bank terms if desired, it's priced for a quick sale: 15-minute delivery day or night; 73 more to select from. BALLARDS LOT.

108 W. Broadway. CL 2734. ThEVROLET 1947 Fleetlirie 4-door sedan: really a bargain on today market; put this on your must list to see: we'll really deal. BLUEGBASS FORD CO INC.

Salesroom, 3827 Frankfort Ave. TA 0353. BE 1151. Used Car Lot. 114-18 Chenoweth Ln.

Open Evenings and Sundavs. "Buy or Trade the Bluegrasa Way The Best Way." CHEVROLET-! 948 sedan: this is a 2-tone job with all extras: this value extraordinary can be had for a very small down payment or possibly vour present car may be sufficient as the initial payment: don't let this bargain pass you by. but hurrv to HAROLD AUTO SALES 1601 Arcade. MA 4100. Open Sundays and Evenings.

"CHEVROLET iW Fleetline sedan; gray finish with radio, heater and seat covers: this car is like new with very low mileage; a real bargain for someone: priced at $1,343: and 50 more to select from: we trade; easy terms. FALLS CITY PONTIAC CO. Broadway at Hanco*ck WA 2423. Open Evenings. Open Sundays "CHEVROLET, lnfl two-door Fleet-master; has low mileare, radio, heater, seat covers, spotlight and other useful accessories: just 385 or equal trade-in delivers; easy terms on the balance and it carries our guarantee that counts.

Open evenings till 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463 Next to AAP in St. Matthews CHEVROLET. I48 Aero sedan; beautiful 2-tone brown and green: this best seller has radio, seat covers and underseat heater; be sure to see before buying; we can save you big money here, and remember it carries our guarantee that counts.

Open evenings till 9. ELINE CHEVROLET CO. BE 2463 Next to AiP in St Matthews male. black and white: collar; named vicinity 6th. Broadway: reward.

Harold Alexander. Division of Game Fish. Frankfort. Ky. Phone FENCE, all types: skilled erection service; no job too small; F.H.A.

terms: call for free estimate. FALLS CITY FENCE CO. CY 7521. FENCE, Pre-Kut ornamental iron, as low as $2.50 per foot; installed reasonably. DeSanto FR 9366.

FLOOR sanding, floor finishing, floors laid: Sanders for rent: floor materials. 1318 Rufer. WA 3507. FR 8610. -22M5 survived Dy 4 granacnnaren.

Mrs. Burch is at the J. B. Ratterman and Sons Funeral Home. 2114 W.

Market where services will be conducted Friday morning at 8:30 and from Church of Our Lady at 9 clock. Interment in Calvary Cemetery. Members of the Holy Name Choral Club will please meet at the funeral home at 8 o'clock Thursday evening to recite the rosary. CONNORS. Mrs.

Katie Silk, January 10. 1950, at 7:30 p.m.; residence. 2231 W. Market St. Widow of John Connors: devoted sister of John Silk; also survived by nine nieces and three nephews.

Funeral from Dougherty and Sons Shawnee Funeral Home. Broadway at 34th Friday morning, January 13. at 8:30 and in St. Anthony's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in St.

Louis Cemetery. Members of the Altar Society are requested to assemble in the Shawnee Funeral Home Thursday evening at o'clock to recite the Rosary. FREPFOV, John age 73 years. Wednesday. January 11.

1950. at 1:30 a m. at Sts. Mary and ellizabeth Hospital. Residence 725 Iowa.

Beloved father of Mrs. Eva Chaplin, Syracuse. N. Y. Mr.

Freppon is at the T. A. Blanford-Ratterman Funeral Home. 2815 S. 4th where services will be conducted Friday afternoon at 2 clock.

Interment Evergreen Cemetery. FRIEDMAN, George, suddenly, at the Jewish Hospital, Wednesday; January 11. 1950. at 12:56 p.m.; residence, 941 S. Brook.

Survived by his wife, Lillian: 2 sisters, Mrs. James Bock and Mrs. Herbert GeUheer: brother, Bruno, all of New York City. Funeral from Herman Meyer and Son, 1525 S. 3d Fridav at 2:30 p.m.

Interment in Adath Jesh-urun Cemetery. Please omit flowers. FUNK. Mr. Adam Tuesday at 12 o'clock noon; in his 66th year; residence 1016 Payne St.

Beloved husband of Mrs. Theressa Biller Funk and brother of Mis. Anna Nestor of Detroit. Mrs. Mary Cooper.

Mrs. William Toller. Mrs. K. Cole.

Funeral from the Maas Funeral Home on Broadway at Floyd. Friday Morning at 8:45 and at St. Aloysius Church at 8 o'clock. Interment in Calvary Cemetery. GAN5, Mr.

Charles T. Monday evening, January 9. 1950, at 9:30 extension 410. CHEVR6LET 139 4-door:" ITT BUICK 1948 convertible coupe; for a real- buy see this unit, which has radio, heater and dynaflow transmission: 3-rninute delivery can be made for a small down payment, or possibly your present car may be sufficient as the initial payment: balance can be carried on bank terms. HAROLD AUTO SALES 1601 Arcade.

MA 6100. Open Sundays and Evenings "BTTCK 1947 4-door sedan: this popular make car is in excellent condition: 1-owner: radio, heater and other extras; good tires: $495 down, rash or longest trade in town; balance easv bank terms WEIR MOTORS CO 845 S. 3d St CL 7619 Open week days a m. till 9 m. "BUICK 1941 special sedanette; this is a good one: has radio, heater, seat covers: is, extra clean and at the low price v.V have, it will be to your advantage to look it over and get our price and terms.

THURSTON COOKE MOTOR CO. 849 S. 3d. CL 4770. BUCK 1557 4-door: T939 Lincoln Zephvr coupe: 1938 Chevrolet coupe; 1937 Plymouth eoupe; 1937 Chevrolet coupe: 1939 Pontiac 2-door: 1941 Olds-mobile 4-door: 1937 Oldsmobile 2-door: 1947 Crosley 2-door; $10 down, $20 60 per month.

PAPPY'S 1015 W. Broadway. BUICK. 1947 super convertible coupe; radio, heater: black finish, khaki top: see this. $1,495: easy terms, good trade.

ADVANCE MOTOR CO INC. 4021 Frankfort Ave, in St. Matthews. DOG. black co*cker Spaniel, male; Moving and Hauling.

21 MOVE Yourself; SAVE UP to 70: rent a truck: local or long distance trucks, moving equipment available; reliable insurance, new location opposite Henry Clay Hotel. u-DRrvE-rr co. eis s. 3d cl 4820 9793. Highfill Hester.

vicinity mtn ana Garland, Sunday; reward. WA 1441. JA 079.j DOGi ITS months old! Beagle Hound, male, brown, white and black spotted; wearing collar; reward. 2609 W. Broadway.

SH "SPECIAL 4-hour absolutely odorless cleaning and pressing service: also expert repair work. Janes Cleaners and Dyers. 222 S. 7th St- DON'S UPHOLSTERING CO 208 Market new management; custom builtjrlO-day delivery: sat-lsf action aner low prices. JA 2844., REDUCE at home, without diet, drug, or exercise.

For trial treatment and information phone Miss FLOOR sander and eager for rent; aper nanging, steaming, pain una. a lozs i7oa market MOVING FLOOR sanding, refinishina. dean- LOCAL and nation-wide. Crating. Packing.

Storage. SETTLE MOVING 4c STORAGE CO. ing. waxing: hardwood laid, linoleum, asphalt, rubber tile: terms. 332 E.

Oak. Sanders for rent. 2909 DOG. co*cker spaniel, male, black, answers to name "Midnight." near 6th and Oak. Tuesday.

Reward. WA 5261. ones, ni lazs or ma 07 za. 117 10th St. JA 7161.

Preston Hgwy. MA 5426. M. Williams. FOR Information on amazing new MOVING and hauling: experienced FLOOR Sanding, old floors made like new: refirushing.

SH 3619, 2129 Dixie Hgwy FLOORS sanded. 10c square foot: re-finishing cleaning and waxing: free DOG. Spitz, white, female: vicinity Richmond Dr and Bardstown Saturday afternoon: answers to reward. Call HI 1576. DOG.

co*cker Spaniel: male, black: witn license: January 3d; lost from 1448 Hanco*ck: reward. Call MA white neip: no Dourly charges; no job too large or small Coffey Movers. 822 Iroquois. AT 2371 GENERAL Hauling; dump or flat truck: prompt service: reasonable. down.

$21.38 per month. PAPPY S. 1015 W. Broadwav. "CHEVROLET 1940twb-door; $350.

$54" down, $22.60 a month. PAPPY'S 1018 W. Broadwav "Chevrolet. 1946: new tires ahT battery, radio, heater, fogllghta, seat covers: $1.100. SH 2363-M.

CHEVROLET 1839 two-door sedan" good tires, new seat covers; good condition; $300. FR 6490. "Chevrolet. 1939 2-door. $23 downT SLUSSER AUTO SALES 854 5th.

CHRYSLER 1947 New Yorker club coupe: radio, heater, with lots of other extras: new white side-wall tires: this 1-owner car is like new inside and out with very low mileage: $395 down, cash or the longest trade ln town: balance) easy bank; terms. WEIR MOTORS COMPANY 845 S. 3d St CL 7619. Open week days 8 a till 9 m. "CHRYSLER XHO 4-door: dartbfueT radio and heater: runs very good.

Here is one of the many car bargains I can get you. See me. Bill Bradshaw. TRI-CITY OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 909 E. Broadway.

CL 066L esrimaxes. jonn ljiaxreau. art aaj i JAlDNr Jalousie Venetian windows for all porches, breezeways. call JA 2938 DON'T BE HALF-SAFE! Learn to drive confidently. WA 0508.

JYORK DRIVER TRA rNTNGSCHOOL HOW many phone calls will you miss today? None if Telephone Secretarial sri-e akes your calls. CL 3636. ANYONE, white or colored, that can sinj. dance, do comedy or olay musical instruments, call JA 3965. Services Offered BOYD Liberty Movers: 15 years' ex 8K97-J.

CL Z08Z. BUICK, 1941. Torpedo sedanette, V' NACES vacuum cleaned and re -paired: gas conversion burners, floor furnaces: P.H.A. loans arranged: free estimates. Roberts Heating and Sheet Metal.

FL'RN'XCKS, all types, installed and serviced. 24-hour service; reasonable. DOG, hound, white with brown spots, female, with Vein. Alabama tag: reward. Coy Robinson.

217 S. 20 th. perience serving the public. 610 Kentucky. CL 4964.

MOVING and hauling; large and small; reasonable rates. Call for es In Memoriam. 2 EMBRY; in loving memory oi our son and brother. Charles Rav Embry. Naval Aviator, killed in plane crash January 12.

1946. in the Phillipines. We who have never known sorrow Our hearts had known no pain. Until the death angel Whispered our own darling's name. You are like the flowers.

That wither and decay You who sleep in Jesus Will rise on that great Day. Sadly missed by ail who lo ei him. Father and Sisters. timates. FR 1959.

Calvin Jones. CALL Jack and Odle. movers: rea- AT 0621 runs ana iooks like new; new factory motor and extras: excellent tires and battery: owner. Call HI 2RW-W after 5 p.m. BUICK 1949 super convertible; fully equipped: perfect condition: no trade: by owner.

1ST William St. Help your country Helo yourseUi Buy U. S. Savings Bonds? DOG. pointer, white and brown spotted, male: wearing collar: vicinity Wenzel and Jefferson, January 6: reward.

Call WA 4421. DOG. small female. Fox Terrier, black and white; vicinity 6U and Ashland; reward. FR 0715.

Services Offered General. 14 ADDITIONS, general repairs and rerAodeling, complete service: free estimates. Call W. P. Frey, AT 2162.

sonable rates: experienced: white help: day and night. CY 0013. L. YD mover; reasonable rates: IS years' experience: all cargo insured. Call TA 5122.

Veteran. FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED ST Old Reliable Firm 2 vears in one location JEFFREY'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP JA 2652. SB Years at 641 1st.

The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky (2024)


How to read the Courier Journal online? ›

An exact digital replica of the printed edition, is available early morning. The eNewspaper allows you to turn pages, save and download articles, solve puzzles, listen to articles read aloud, and more! Access the eNewspaper at

What is the main newspaper in Louisville Ky? ›

The Courier-Journal, morning daily newspaper published in Louisville, Kentucky, long recognized as one of the outstanding regional newspapers of the United States.

How much is the Sunday Courier Journal? ›

*After 3 months, Sunday-Friday Print Delivery + Digital will be $35/month. The Sunday Only Print Delivery + Digital will be $19/month after 3 months. The Sunday + Wednesday-Friday Print Delivery + Digital will be $30/Month after 3 months. Not valid with any other Louisville Courier-Journal subscription offer.

How do I contact the Louisville Courier Journal? ›

How do I contact Customer Service? To get help with your account or subscription, call 1-800-866-2211 or chat online here.

How many people read the courier mail? ›

THE Courier-Mail's audience is now the biggest it has ever been, according to the latest official data which reveals 3.38 million people read our journalism each month.

Is the courier a daily paper? ›

Six days a week The Courier serves its communities with international, national and, most importantly, local news, politics, business, sport, farming and features.

Who owns Courier Journal Louisville? ›

This site is part of the USA TODAY Network and is owned and operated by Gannett Co., Inc.

Where is the Louisville Courier Journal printed? ›

The Courier Journal will now be printed and trucked in from Indianapolis. Its current printing presses, opened in 2004, will be closed and dismantled. "It's the end of an era," News Director Mike Trautmann said. "But make no mistake, The Courier Journal is here to stay — just as it has been the past 153 years.

What is the largest newspaper in Kentucky? ›

The Courier-Journal – (@courierjournal) This is the largest newspaper in Kentucky and covers a wide range of news topics from local stories to national headlines. The Courier-Journal's website features up-to-date news articles and its print edition has a circulation of roughly 131,000 readers.

Where is the courier journal based? ›

Louisville, Kentucky

Who owns journal and courier? ›

Journal-Courier was acquired by Hearst Communications.

What is courier journal com? ›

The Courier Journal is the region's most trusted source for local news, features, commentary discussion, and a leading multi-media advertising and marketing solutions company.

How much does it cost to put an obituary in the Louisville Courier-Journal? ›

Placing an obituary in The Courier-Journal Louisville starts at $94.00.

Where is the courier mail published? ›

The Courier-Mail is an Australian newspaper published in Brisbane.

How do I email the Louisville Courier-Journal? ›

Or email us:

How to read WSJ articles online? ›

Articles will be listed by date in a database. We recommend going to the WSJ website ( first to identify which articles you would like to read in full. The public version of the WSJ website allows you to view news headlines and a brief description of all articles, without requiring an online subscription.

What is the circulation of the courier journal? ›

29,818 daily

Who owns the Courier Journal newspaper? ›

This site is part of the USA TODAY Network and is owned and operated by Gannett Co., Inc.

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